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We went to Iqaluit (well...sort of)

19.11.20 0 comments

I know, I know, the title of this post is tricky, and sort of a stretch from the truth, but with the help of @conorgoddard on Instagram (you must visit this page to see this lovely family), we sure felt like we landed in the deep north. 

In our social studies/geography unit, Moonface and Rainman are following the same curriculum. Being in grade 2 and 5 means there are differences, but as our studies focus on Canada, I am so pleased that they have been able to explore at their own pace (mainly), what life is like in Canada for many different families. And this means learning about the present as much as learning about the past.

After reading all about Nunavut, and watching various Youtube videos, we decided that we wanted to dig a little deeper and get to know what life is like in Nunavut. Moonface decided she wanted to ask someone. 

So she conducted her own interview with the Goddard family (online of course), and we learned so much from this wonderful encounter. Thank you to the Goddards for helping us in our learning journey. 

Interview with the Goddards
Please excuse the lack of accents on the french words. The interview was conducted via Instagram, so I wanted to leave the answers as they were received.

Qui est dans votre famille?

Who is in your family?

**Tracy (mere), Conor (pere) et deux enfants, Callum & Caitlin.  Je (Conor) viens est nes a Montreal et Tracy est nes a Kuujjuaq (Nunavik, le Québec Arctique) qui est une autre village Inuit. 

Pourquoi avez-vous déménagé à iqaluit

Why did you move to Iqaluit?

**On a venu ici pour des opportunites qu’on n’avais pas a Kuujjuaq.  C’est important pour nous comme famille d’avoir access au terrain traditionelle de Tracy et mes enfants donc on peut pratiquez leurs culture traditionelle.

Depuis combien de temps vivez-vous à Iqaluit?

How long have you lived in Iqaluit?

**On habite Iqaluit depuis Fevrier 2017, presque 4 ans. 

On a demenager ici de Kuujjuaq avec nos enfants et notre equipe de chien a traineau

Qu’est ce que vous aimez à propos de Iqaluit?

What do you like about Iqaluit?

**On aime surtout la communite et le terrain.

Qu’est ce que vous n’aimez pas à propos de Iqaluit?

What don’t you like?

**On n'aime pas les haute prix dans les magazins. Une carton de tropicana coute entre $17 et $19 dollars.

Comment vous réchauffez-vous à la maison

How do you keep warm at home?

**Notre maison est chauffe a l’huile

Où achetez-vous votre épicerie

Where do you buy groceries

** On achete notre nourriture a l’epicirie, comme dans le sud.

Avez-vous des animaux domestiques

Do you have any pets?

**On a une petite chienne chez nous et une equipe de chien de traineau

Est ce que le lac est toujours congelé?

Is the water always frozen?

**L’ocean est gelee de Decembre a Juillet. He viens de chasser des phoques par bateaux aujourd’ui

Avez-vous un jardin?

Do you have a garden?

** On n'a pas une jardin.

Comment voyagez-vous en Iqaluit?

What do you drive (how do you get around)?

** On se promene a pieds, en camion, par bateaux, par skidoo et par traineau a chien.

You guys my 7 year old did this!!! She needed help with the spelling, but these are all her questions. After learning about permafrost in the north, she was very interested to know if the family had a garden. She was quite concerned that they had no food. So that question needed to be asked lol.  

She was also very excited to see how the Goddard children hunt, and learn how to live "with" the land (her words). But she also realized that the children enjoy doing some of the same things that she does, like doing arts and crafts (a fave of hers), playing sports, and the piano and soccer.

And just going back to the interview...$17 to $19 for a carton of orange juice. Oh my word! I am quite intrigued. I would probably never drink orange juice again.

Here are some photos of her work: These page are from a booklet that she made.

Moonface learned all about Northern Lights, and she is enamoured. Here's one of my attempts to draw a landscape pic based on some of the things that Moonface and I learned.

So tell me, what's happening in your homeschool? I'd love to know!

Also, coming soon...the kiddos will be learning about the Native American legend of the 3 sisters, something that I introduced a few years back, but will be so exciting for both of them to do the lessons together this time around.

Photos of Nunavut courtesy of Conor Goddard. 

3 Reasons why you need Alexa in your life (and 1 reason you don't)

18.11.20 0 comments

Do you have any smart home devices at home? Why? Why not? Let me start by saying that I've always had a hard time adapting to change. I never enjoyed adding new and upgraded devices to our home, be a new toaster or vacuum cleaner.

My family will agree that it takes (what feels like) forever for them to talk me into changing or purchasing newer and better electronics. What can I say, I am a bit sentimental, and I think being a child of the 80's  I just like what I like. My motto is, "if it ain't broke why bother?" 

My family had been talking about the wonders of the Amazon Echo for a few years. There was also talk of purchasing Google Home, at one point as well, but the Echo remained the number one option. I will admit that I didn't know about anything about these devices, didn't care, and had no opinion.

As a busy autism, preschooler, homeschooling, learning/teaching mom, I never wanted anymore devices in the house. My house is always noisy or eerily quiet, if you know what I mean, and I just figure that an Amazon echo was a ridiculous and frivolous purchase, made for young adults who are not busy, distracted occasional homemakers like myself. Boy was I wrong. Alexa has proven to be a useful addition to our crazy household. 

Here's why:

It's all about information. My inquisitive autistic child is a dictionary, and an encyclopedia all in one. Typical days outside of homeschool are centered around his quest for knowledge. With our Echo Dot, he likes to ask out of this world questions, like "Alexa how many moons does Saturn have?" Or,  "Alexa where's the milky way located exactly?" He already knows these answers but alrighty then, he wants to hear them again and again.

Secondly, I have a preschooler. I don't want her watching Youtube videos all day. With Alexa she gets to be the boss. Ultimately she thinks she's telling Alexa what to do, and I don't have a problem with that. 

A typical day sees my preschooler being entertained with songs and music, she's a happy threenager, and I will not kill her vibe. I like to think of Alexa as a fun preschool teacher. Ok, that's going a bit far. But I mean who doesn't love a preschooler who likes to go on bear hunts on a whim?  And I must admit, I also have a new found love for Raffi. Alexa did that!

Third, Alexa helps me homeschool. She's a great teacher's assistant in some ways. For example, I use my device to set alarms and timers, and give me basic information that I need on a whim. Did you know that Alexa can translate English words to French? Win!!!! 

I also play a variety of music from The Best of Mozart for our quiet reading/meditation sessions, to pop and dance music for our after school jamming sessions. She even helps with our violin and piano homework.

As I write this, the kiddos are washed up and ready for bed, and listening to a strange song about NOT stepping in lava by the Scratch Gardeners - a new fave in our house. If you haven't heard this song, or any of their other songs, you must have a listen. Only good times and good vibes friends.

But, alas, there is one drawback, and this may be a personal thing, please don't laugh at me. I have heard many individual wonder aloud if having the Amazon Echo's smart home system leads to an invasion of privacy.  Having an Echo in my house makes me feel as if there is another human living inside my home, inside my walls, inside my head...Eeeeeek. 

I mean sometimes the device just turns on, and sometimes when she goes a bit rogue, I actually have to yell at her, like she's one of my children. That's definitely one of the things that I am still wrapping my head around and questioning. Is Alexa one of us now?

Rainman 10 years around the sun

17.11.20 0 comments
Super shocked that I am so late in posting this one...


Ten years

Ten candles

Ten kisses

I am so proud and in awe of him.

My Rainbow baby has hit a wonderful milestone.

...what a lovely little thing. 

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