Rhythm 2019/2020

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The children and I finally decided oour weekly rhythm.
It was important that we incorporate fun, and learning throughout the days.
Our weekly rhythm allows us to Connect, Create, Learn, Explore (outside), Nourish & Rest.

New Rhythm (Fall/Winter 2019/2020)

M - Nature
T- Weekly Collaboration
W- Painting/drawing
T- In the kitchen  (soup day)
F- Baking & Afternoon Tea w/friends

In Nature, Fingerplay & Art

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We  have been slowly getting into our daily rhythm. One of the best things about a daily rhythm is the predictability our days. Make no mistake, no two days are ever alike. Each theme, or task is built upon as the days and months go by. And, most importantly, the children are always growing. Some days are awesome, while some days we simply need a break. Flexibility is key.

Three weeks in, and we continue to mix English and French throughout our days...we are striving.
Fingerplay and rhyming is very important element in our learning. As we tend to mix nature, language and art in our daily routines, it is important to make it as fun  and memorable as possible. 

I use fingerplay when I need the children to remember a task, or transition (especially when the activity we are transitioning into is not as favourable). 
This is the simple rhyme that we have been learning in circle this past month... 

Fingerplay Rhyme

What do you suppose?
A bee sat on my nose.
Then what do you think?
He gave me a wink
And said,”I beg your pardon,
I thought you were the garden.”

Our friend is drawing a bee visiting a flower :)

Weekending September 13th

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“And at the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling.” 

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