Weekending April 21 (2017)

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Hello all! Geez, I really have been absent from our little space more than ever, haven't I?
My camera is officially out of commission (insert tearful emoji here). This is the second time I've had an issue with my camera and I haven't even had it for a year and a half. This time around I'm getting an Error 01 code, and no amount of research or attempts to fix it has been fruitful...so disappointed in your camera Canon!

I do have my phone, which obviously is not a problem for taking photos, but I guess I'm stuck in my ways. I actually still have a few shots on my camera phone from Easter. I am pretty bad with uploading from my phone which is probably why I don't bother taking photos in the first place.

We had a good week last week. Those short weeks can be difficult though. The kids were really tired.
It has been quiet in many ways. I think the weather has affected their moods. They play very well, but some afternoons, they are beat, and mostly sit and read /look at books :)

The children are also developing strong personalities and vocabulary, which generally spills over into different types of conflict. Not at all bad, when you realize they have to go out into the big world of classrooms and playgrounds very soon. It's just so interesting, and sometimes comical to watch. And of course, sometimes this fight for independence  and autonomy is directed (in not so good ways) towards yours truly. Still comical at times.

Have a great week...or what's left of it!

Weekending April 14 (2017)

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How was your Easter holiday? The kids are still exchanging Easter greetings with each other after not seeing each other for a few days- which is so sweet.

Thursday (our last day before our little break) came and went without much excitement. I'm sad to say unlike this year and this year, we didn't get to celebrate spring in the park, and have our Easter egg hunt because it was snowing.

I still can't believe our luck, but I had a feeling this would happen.
In addition to the not so nice weather, some of our friends were also not feeling great, so it was actually a very quiet day for us.

Over all, we had a nice week, and I think the snow is gone (?) One can never tell.
I will have to share our story of the month post soon. There are some photos missing. Must be on another card. Seems I can't keep track of myself lately.

Thanks to everyone for our basket fillers:
MB- raisins
EG - windmills/pinwheels
MM- seeds & pencils
LE - Ester craft/activity pack
HA- apple sauce snacks
ZA- mandarins 

Have a great week everyone!

MB...3 years around the sun

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Why can't I believe that MB is 3 years old? It really seems like yesterday that she was coming into my home. She's the most relaxed baby I ever had. She was and still is a girl who is so good with structure- it's amazing. She is also the only baby that never cried. From day one I took her from mom and she really just went with the flow. 

When you are a mom of many, every milestone is worth celebrating. I will never replace moms and dads here; it's not my goal. But there are boo boos to tend to, nap schedules to keep, hungry mouths to feed, and of course, minds to fill. There's been a lot of sighing on my part lately. Watching these kids grow up has been a blessing...

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