fall nature table

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Spring and fall are times of changes and this makes them more interesting to me. In the fall this is what you can look for:

Animals are moving from their summer homes to their winter homes.
Animals, that don’t move, are stocking up on their supplies so that they can weather the winter ahead.
Plants are slowly shutting down and preparing to go dormant leading to the vibrant change in colors of the leaves.
Berries are ripening.
The light is changing as the angle of the sun moves lower in the sky for its daily arc.
The smell of the air is changing.
The feel of the air is changing.

just a quick peek!
hope your days are beautiful!


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is a second spring 
when every leaf is a flower.”
― Albert Camus

let's enjoy it!

garden stories

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Appreciating nature~ watching them  appreciating nature

Outside your window: apples

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Here stands the apple tree, strong and green
Here are the apples that hang between
A strong wind blows and knocks them to the ground
Here is the basket to take them all to town

fall reminders
 from our book outside your window by nicola davies

outside your window: fungi

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We have been searching for wonderful fall reminders
 from our book "outside your window" by nicola davies


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"Verse before painting"

Now I take the brush so gently
In my hand with loving care
Watch the color flow so softly On the paper clean and clear.

Squirrels & finger play

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The book outside your window has a great little poem about squirrels
we love that one and i use it now for finger play
we also love this poem 
the kids always giggle when we get to the end where we wiggle and shake our tails

5 little squirrels
Five little squirrels sitting in a tree
The first one said, "What do I see?"
The second one said, "Some nuts on the ground."
The third one said, "Those nuts I found."
The fourth one said, "I'll race you there."
The fifth one said, "Alright, that's fair."
So they shook their tails and ran with glee.
To the nuts that lay at the foot of the tree.

a must read for fall & nature table stuff

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Outside your window by nicola davies 
is a new favorite book of ours and it is now on our nature table 
(which is coming together slowly but surely)
the books is
an awesome, rich treasury of poems relating to
each season showing nature in every place 
~ especially outside your window...
love it so much
that i decided that we would do a scavenger hunt
and search for all the beautiful "fall" reminders

list of reminders
1. berries...
2. colourful leaves
3. geese
4. spiderlings
5. feather
6. acorn
7. worms
8. apples
9. squirrels
10. fungi

:. bake bread
:. harvest summer fruits & veggies
:. pick berries/bake a berry crumble
...stay tuned for our fall nature table photos

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