Nature in Winter 2015: part 1

We are learning about the Seasons, so naturally, we are talking about winter. I love winter. Nature is so beautiful in winter. Winter is a great season to celebrate with kids. While we moan about the cold, icy roads and slush (totally understandable), they love every bit of winter, and all it has to offer. I love it! 
Even if you can't stand the snow and cold, one must find at least one thing that makes winter wonderful. In the winter (it seems) that everything shuts down-  things are buried; animals hibernate or migrate. The truth is, many of us would love to hibernate as well, or at least snuggle up in warm blankets with pots of soup, or mugs of hot cocoa.
One of the best things about spending time with little people is that they are always looking up and out. Looking out of the windows, they always find something to admire, or for my younger ones...point at. They see the beauty in everything.

What do we talk about - what do the kids know about winter?
*the winter solstice signals the beginning of the winter (December 21 or 22nd)
* it's cold
* we have to put on gloves, hats, warm boots and a jacket before we go outside
* we get to make a snowman
* we can go sledding
* there's snow
* some birds go away to warmer places...some do not
* some places don't get snow in the winter...some kids have never played in snow
* some plants are dormant in the cold weather - some are not
Look what I saw yesterday while the kiddies were napping...
What do you love about the changing seasons...winter?


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~ Forest Witcraft

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