Nature in winter part 2: 10 things to do in winter

We love nature walks, don't you? Our weekly nature walks have been a fun way to explore and see all that nature has to offer, regardless of age. The beauty of getting out in all types of weather and seasons is that they kids get to experience all the changes.

1. Just play - there's nothing like just enjoying the elements.
2. Hug some trees - can you find one that you can wrap your arms around? He did...sort of :)
3. Tracks animals - whether it's muddy, snowy or rainy encourage kids to keep their eyes on the ground in search of animal is a fun nature walk activity...especially if there is snow on the ground!
4. Collect & bring a piece of nature inside - collect rocks, pine cones or (whatever) you can find and bring home to place on a nature table or decorate.
5. Enjoy a picnic- help keep little tummies happy...and a hot beverage is a great way to warm up on a chilly day – our favorite is hot chocolate.
6. Count critters - big or small, there are so many critters outside in the winter...finding their hiding place can be quite an adventure.
7. Go bird watching - look  for birds and count how many bird nests you see in the trees. Bring a pair of binoculars to get a better view. And don’t forget to listen for them as well!
8. Create - rocks, pinecones or leaves can be used to create  beautiful mandalas- it's so much fun  to put them together. Gathering materials first is best.
You can also draw designs in the snow...
9. Play iSpy - What's better than playing iSpy with kids? It's so much fun. On a nice day, why not set out  and seek treasures. Encourage kids to find different shaped objects...looks for objects/animals with different characteristics, or colours etc.

10. Learn - have you ever tried snow math? Adding and subtracting just doesn't seem like work when done in the open elements, with raw materials...

So there you have it...winter can be fun if you just get out and enjoy all it has to offer.


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