weekending march 2 - 6

The last week was very interesting. The weekend before I attended a 2 day training and then hubby who has been away came back right in the middle of the week. Laundry & housework not done...helping big boy with homework became a task, and of course helping hubby transition back into work after flying internationally - no fun! Then silly ole me, left the car lights on - you can guess what happened. So no car, little time and so on. I was playing catch up all week. I am so glad it's over!

The kids were busy as usual. We have a new friend who joins us on Wednesdays, a change for my little crew.

Still some runny noses, and a lot of sticky hands...hopefully the nice weather will change all that. Speaking of nice weather, the days felt like spring- beautiful. Not only did we get outside, we got to really have fun out there. 

Let's hope for a less stressful week ahead for all...

we painted
we played outside
we made yummy goodies

we ate

we learned new skills like:
how to play tic-tac-toe
how to toss a ball into an object
 ...and how to measure
 we played in the mud
we hung out

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Marie at: March 9, 2015 at 4:15 AM said...

You had a lot of things to deal with for one week Salma. But for sure you did not miss any chance to enjoy it!

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~ Forest Witcraft

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