Should you avoid nursing baby if you get food poisoning?

We went out to eat, and as luck would have it, I got food poisoning. I kept on breastfeeding, as Z demanded it, but had a panic attack in the middle of the night when I "realized" I could be passing bacteria to her through my milk. 
Q: Should I avoid nursing my baby if I get food poisoning?
A: No. In fact, if baby was exposed to the same bacteria you were, breastfeeding would help protect her from getting sick too. When a mom gets food poisoning, the bacteria don't usually pass to baby though breast milk; it stays in mom's intestinal tract. Salmonella can (rarely) get into the bloodstream and milk, but breastfeeding would still be an effective way to help protect baby.
If you are dealing with food-borne illness and begin to get dehydrated, your milk supply may drop a bit. During this time, try to take care of yourself and to take in fluids as best you can. And, if your supply is still a bit low once you're better, you can help bump it back up by nursing a little more often for a few days.
*...information found on babycentre

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