Am I the only person who "dislikes" yoga?

Z and her bff doing yoga
My daughter practices yoga (I should say 1 of my daughters)...She has scoliosis and was advised to do so. I had to learn about yoga because my child was ill - still is, but I could never connect with it,  so I passed. At the time I felt like I was the only one who didn't do, or was not interested in yoga.

Of course whenever I mention the fact that I don't do it or like it, I  would get, and still continue to get comments like " probably just didn't do it right..." or  "...well it's not for everyone but..." Yeah, that could be true.

In all of my life I have tried yoga 3 times, and it isn't something I want to do. Don't get me wrong, I know that there are serious students and teachers, err practitionersI have 2 very good friends who practice yoga - one is a teacher as well.  For the life of me, I just cannot connect, but I see how they have connected and it's pretty positive.

What I have noticed, or noticed years ago was the conformity, and the teaching of the idea of spirituality, or rather, the idea of imitating the spiritual. What I have also had an issue with is the marketing and advertising of the "idea" that yoga  can fill a void in our lives. I just think a lot of people have jumped on a bandwagon, and they have little or no idea about connecting with themselves, much less others.
Anyways, I don't have a historical analysis of the practice of yoga, so I won't delve into murky waters. The reason I am writing this is because Z has taken to yoga, which is probably because her big sister does it.  So I started thinking about the possibility of incorporating yoga into our daily rhythm, one morning...about 20 minutes of our time. 

All of my hang ups about yoga, are sort of in question. The thing is, I think yoga is just not for me. I just don't like it. Last week, I was having a conversation about my dislike for yoga, and mentioned Z's downward dog with her favorite friends (she always has a teddy bear or a doll by her side). 

My friend insisted that I encourage Z to do yoga, and perhaps I should even incorporate it into my dayhome program. Whoa, slow down there, I shot back...seriously?
Her conclusion...essentially true yoga is an art form that can teach the kids empathy and compassion - not to mention other benefits such as keeping active, and relieving stress. 

Am I the only person who hates yoga? Probably...
Can I hate yoga & still incorporate it into my business? Hmmm...everybody needs an outlet - I agree! Yoga is just not mine.  At this point
, I will probably never like yoga, but I am open to just about anything that will benefit the kids in the long run. This is doable...I think I will recruit Iman for the job. I'll keep you posted!

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