in the garden 3rd week June: critters & such

Do you hear it? What's that sound? The kids are always curious about the sounds and sights of the outdoors - especially those seen and heard right in our backyard.
Having a spot to sit and observe is quite awesome (if I do say so myself). I love watching the kids running around.

It is very rare that we have structured play outside - I think it's their time to do their thing. I encourage the kids to do the opposite of sitting when they are outside...I am always pushing them to this or that. I want them to be active.

Every once in a while a child comes running in a panic. If he has words the babble will translate into words like "...spider, crawling, moving...and a low euwwwwhh!!!" I always calm them, and reassure them that bugs need a home too, and outside...under rocks...on leaves...beneath the mulch, flower pots and just about anything is where they like to be. Sometimes they walk away nodding their heads in agreement - other times, they are not so convinced that bugs are cool, or that Salma is cool. 

We have had so many critters and visitors in the past few weeks, that I thought there must be a way to document what the kids are seeing. I think it has a little to do with my herb garden, which is coming along just nicely. I see leaves nibbled on, and small tracks in the dirt, most of the disturbance is very small...fingers crossed; although my spinach was there, and suddenly it wasn't, lol.. I would curse the little critters (under my breath of course), if they weren't so cute.

When we are busy, running around, moving things, it's a little more quiet. We often get the visitors that simply don't care, or can camouflage into whatever background they need to...I showed the kids some cool camouflaging. I think they get an idea of what it all means...

There was also the robin with its lunch (do you see it?), another really EUWWEWWWWWHHH moment. I asked why? Don't birds have to eat too? Yes, they walk away thinking I am completely crazy, and that the bird was REALLY mean. Too cute:)

As you can see, our garden is very much alive. We love it!
Special moment(s) to remember:
  • the sweet little bird coming right up to our feet as we ate lunch...he was clever because he got the leftovers
  • watching the caterpillar for oh about an hour or so..."they don't move very fast..." observed one of my little wonders.
  • the pretty bumblebee (unless it gets really close boys & girls), that buzzed around from flower to flower one afternoon.
  • the squirrel that wanted to "eat all our garden" - so said one of my little wonders.  
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Michelle Reeves (Bod for tea) at: June 23, 2015 at 12:48 PM said...

Oh this is wonderful! Gorgeous photographs - especially that squirrel - you look like you all had so much fun in the garden. Thank you for linking this up at #sharethejoy

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