and that's why pancake day was a miss

I had it all planned out. I made the pancakes the night before and carefully stored them for the early arrivals, and possibly Z who can be awake anytime between 3 am and whenever.
We'd added chocolate chips before, but never blueberries. Most mornings, the kids eat at different times; some even after my actual breakfast window is closed - literally...that's often Big Boy (another story for another century).
Anyways, this time it was interesting. He knew it was pancake day and was really excited. He even helped Iman pick out the blueberries the night before at the supermarket.
Everything was were sitting and ready to go. 
I no longer have to feed most of them, so I left them to their devices.

I started preparing for the day's activities, coming in and out of the dining-room. 
I looked at their plates...pancakes left unfinished. What? How? Everybody loves pancake day.
Asking no one in particular, I wondered aloud what was going on...why were the pancakes unfinished, while the blueberries were done...(?)

Ok, not completely accurate, my youngest Wonderer ate all of hers and even more, but everyone else was just sitting there...
Big boy said without much thought "...well, NO ONE likes blueberries IN their pancakes."
"Everyone loves blueberry pancakes", I exclaimed in an exaggerated tone.
He thought for another second and then he said "...well you could make both next time..."

Hmm, I hadn't thought of that. Epic fail right? 
All the kids ate enough, but I expected them to gobble them up and ask for more and more, lol.
So lesson learnt - keep it simple!

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Lisa @ Fun Money Mom at: July 9, 2015 at 12:57 PM said...

So funny! I keep trying to put blueberries in the pancakes but my girls insist on plain ones too...LOL. However, they will gobble them up if I just put them on the side.

Visiting from Mom Blogs Party


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