Weekending June 29 - July 3rd

It was quite an interesting week. Aside from celebrating Canada day with our families on Wednesday, (ie. dayhome closed). The kids also spent their days without Big boy. I've wanted to write about him for a long time, but always put it off.

Big boy will be 5 in October and will be heading off to school. He used to attend week-end school, until a few week ago, but I still think Kindergarten will be a big change - especially since 90% of his educational training comes from my homeschooling.

All I can say is that hubby and I agreed that he needed to spend time away from the comfort of home, with other kids - older kids. We signed him up for day camp, and he actually liked it. He got to return and see/play with his friends in the late afternoon, so he didn't fully miss out on all of our activities.
We are planning to do more of this in the upcoming weeks, since day camps allow weekly registration.

Anyways, I am sharing some left-over photos of our week. If you want to see what else we did please read the other these ones!
Wrapping up June
Our new helper/assistant
Ah's flower arrangment

Happy Weeekend!

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Marie Kl├ęber at: July 8, 2015 at 10:19 AM said...

It's time, isn't it? Kids grow up so fast. One day you have them in your arms. The next day they are heading off to school and summer camp....

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