painting mazes & dino tracks

I like giving the kids an idea and seeing what they come up with. On painting day the idea was mazes and dinosaur tracks. What is the connection you ask? Well, this month we are talking and reading about dinosaurs, but what they came up with is something else.

For example, the pictures don't tell even a small part of the story because they (the big boys) had an imaginary world where dinosaurs ride on the backs of horses (or is it the other way around?)
You would find this world very enchanting in fact, because there are no adults - yes, folks, you heard right - a world without adults :)

In this wonderful world, the dinosaurs get lost in mazes and then they need a map and they have water bottles...and I think there was a farm as well...quite amazing imo.

Do you see the painting blocks? I got the older boys 2 of them to try them out. Yesterday was our their first time using them and I think that they will do just fine, so I will purchase more for the other kids. The little ones just painted on foam blocks which don't have the same effect, but surprisingly the results weren't that different.
Oh, and Zbear is not in any photos because she painted (see the vibrant yellow picture on the right?) and had a meltdown, then returned to the table after said meltdown for round # 2. Ahh, life with kids...

I always go back to Kierna's posts about a picture ONLY telling half of the story - cause the more I stand behind the camera, the more those words ring true.
Anyways, it was nice listening to the boys tell THEIR stories.

linking with let kids be kids.

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Karen Bell at: September 17, 2015 at 6:10 AM said...

Lovely seeing children get creative with their imagination.
Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

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