Gluten free corn muffins...

It was dayhome meal/menu prep day and I was on a roll- I mean I was on fire. I was in the kitchen for a good 3 hours, and I didn't feel tired. Hence, I decided, I must bake more - yes more and more baking would make my day.

I decided to make corn muffins, banana muffins AND pumpkin tea cake - all gluten-free. I was barely prepared, but with the right ingredients I don't always have the energy or time so I jumped on it. In my head it made sense; I figured somewhat right ingredients + plus loads of energy = great work. I left the corn muffins for last - not for any particular reason, but I think somewhere in the back of my mind I knew there would be some challenges (oh yeah, I'd never done gluten-free before).
What to say about the corn muffins? Not much actually. I just went with what made sense in my head and surprisingly, they turned out edible :). I'll tell you why I was shocked... 
I am new to gluten-free anything. I am new to caring about what I put into my body (not dangerous stuff), I mean, I hardly read food labels before celiac. I knew I needed to make corn muffins because they are on my menu, but I didn't even want to start with visiting gluten-free and vegan sites (no offense people), but that is mentally exhausting for me sometimes, and I walk away feeling desperate.
Anyways, I have been making regular cornbread since forever, so I just tweaked it. I mean literally, I tweaked this recipe so much that I had no idea what I was going to get. For one, I needed 2 eggs (I was doubling the recipe), and I only had one in the fridge. 

I texted my neighbor who was not yet awake - OK, one egg would have to do. I used almond/coconut milk blend instead of our regular milk (personally I hate to use almond milk in my baking). I also (for some reason) decided to make up for THAT egg by using yogurt (I had coconut yogurt). What else? I only used rice flour - nothing else, and I used gluten-free molasses instead of regular white sugar. Honestly, my recipe did not resemble the real thing, but I was hopeful.
And, because of all that tweaking, I will have to try the recipe a few times before I even share it here on the blog. But take a look at my yummy corn muffins. I did a taste test on my husband and daughter- they were good. Next was the kids...they ate up those muffins in no time.
In reality, you can never create the same masterpiece twice, so I have no idea how the next batch will turn out.

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