Beautiful November {rituals & moving forward}


How can it be the middle of November already?  Our seasonal calendar says we are almost at the end of our 2015 journey. I love the calendar. The kids love it too. I think we love it for different reasons, but the one thing we have in common is looking forward to new activities and events, and sometimes birthdays.

This time of year in Calgary is the best time, in my opinion.
It is a time of crisp windy days, clusters of fallen leaves in yellows, browns and reds,, and even snow. Being here in our space, and being able to  use the beautiful backdrop as our playground and playschool is the best thing ever.

Thankfully, allowing the children to be at one with the elements - to commune with nature is not work at all, it's is second nature- like breathing. So when we do get outside - when we celebrate the seasons with friends and small critters too, we are celebrating change in every form. And when the days begin to spiral out of control...yes, this does happen even to the best of us, we seek out the solace of the great outdoors. 
Of course, in autumn (here), this is no small feat. It involves layers of clothes and covering almost every part of their small bodies. It involves loud sighs, and groans of frustration from the bigger children, who feel they should be able to do up zippers or put on mitts, but find it tedious and well- difficult. It takes real work...a lot of work.

When we finally do get out- when we take learning outside, it is great fun. And we learn so much while outside, like math (count pine-cones and rocks, or whatever we find). We practice our french by looking at all the little things around us, and naming them. We gather and label, and hold dear pieces of nature that are quite ordinary, but sooo necessary - after-all, you can NEVER have too many pine-cones. At home, adorning our nature table with our collection of treasures is also a great reward. 

In the next week we hope to play in the leaves once again - just jump in and roll around.We also hope to collect bits and pieces of nature - pine-cones, leaves, twigs - whatever we can find. 

*Did you notice that the children have adorned our calendar with a piece of nature from each season...winter finds are next on our list :)

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~ Forest Witcraft

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