A "Cool" party

The final party of the year was something of magic. The kids worked really hard to get everything done (crafts and baking) because we were on a time crunch. See our last post  where we prepared for our event...

NATURALLY being at the North Pole, our friends needed to stay warm - so pjs were a must. I like the variety, don't you?
There were many activities awaiting the children. There were gingerbread boys & girls, a tree to decorate, Christmas bracelets to make, and snowmen to decorate. We had already finished some of our crafts which were needed for the big day - like the Santa cups (left with spoons inside) to shovel in candy at the end of the party.

Parents were asked to guess how many cherry balls were in a jar (see below) mom came very close. Oh, and at the last minute Big Boy helped me make a fitting label for the cupcakes (that he decorated). See what he called them...(pic below). Amira, Z and AH made the Rudolph cake (below). Each friend had a stocking waiting at the door, where friends gave their final greetings and wishes.

With only 2 hands and 1 helper, I just couldn't keep up photography-wise, but I think we captured the essence of our morning. Thank you for coming along for the ride dear parents!

Thank you so Much!

/our Christmas tree & decorations - AH's family
/ stocking labels/printing materials - JM's family
/ organic treat - JM's family
/ Christmas gift bags - MM's family
/ stocking stuffers - all families & friends
/ candy for friends - Z and Big Boy
/ Rudolph cake  & general helper/crafter - Amira         


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~ Forest Witcraft

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