The truth about our nature table

I first wrote about our nature table here. Our nature table is very popular in the autumn and winter months. I think it due to the kinds of things that we find and add to the table. Truth be told, it's really because the kids love to crush pine-cones (what is it about pine-cones?), and throw around our fluff aka snow.
Another truth is that nature tables- at least ours is never in order. I mean NEVER. When I say "order", I don't mean things being set up perfectly untouched. Actually that defeats the purpose of a nature/seasonal table. I'm talking about the fact that things go missing - literally. Sometimes for days, I cannot find a certain item, only for it to resurface just about anywhere (... literally).

If you take a look at the pic above you would not know that our table is missing quite a few items - like our moose for example. It's also missing another squirrel, a lot more fluff  *ahem, snow, and some pine trees (which are really popular for some reason). Most of all, I didn't even notice at first, our cave with our 2 favorite bears that were hibernating has disappeared.
Ah, the life of a nature table...and such is life at Small Wonders :).

This nature table thing has always been an issue for us. On one hand, I don't want the table to be dressed up and left untouched. But at the same time, I don't know how to get the kids to see the table as a centre piece that needs to be shared with all.

It's definitely a work in progress. 

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