We Got Mail!!! {recap}

If you remember in February, the children and I started talking about community workers. We decided that we would learn about fire-fighters and mail carriers. It was especially a good time to learn about carriers, as our mail no longer comes to the door; it goes to a community box up the street.
I started off by getting each child involved in planning out our mail week. This meant, circle time activities...songs etc, and creative ways to share mail with friends AND learn about the mail process/system (of course).
Then we made a mailbox...everyone had an idea what they wanted the box to look like. ...and a mail bag
Then we made a schedule. It covered more or less our daily rhythm. It looked like this:
Project: We've got Mail
Date(s): Feb 22- March 1st, 2016
Monday Feb 22nd / ZA - play money (like b-day/holiday gift) must be homemade.
Tuesday Feb 23rd / JM - a flyer...must be homemade (ie. You are selling an item or items (toys, food etc)
Wednesday / LE- a postcard to friends 
Thursday / MB - something for crafting (stickers, fancy paper etc)
Friday / AH - a gift for friends (something all can share or per child)
Monday/ HA - healthy treat to eat 
Tuesday/ MM- a book - (the book will be read and returned)

Circle Activities
Mail Mail Stamp 
This activity was all about teaching kids the importance of mail delivery and that without a stamp, mail cannot be delivered. How do you play? Picture Duck Duck Goose and you've got the gist of our game.  For the letters we used any thing from stickers, to simply drawing a pic of a stamp, to using actual stamps.

Five little letters
5 little letters sitting in the basket
(insert name here) took one letter how many are left
etc (some kids were able to id their names on the envelopes)
On nature walk day, we walked around the neighborhood and checked out different types  mailboxes. I am not sure if even the older kids understand that we used to receive mail right to our doors, but now, they ONLY go to the community boxes. Speaking of community boxes, we then walked to our mailbox (which is actually not very far), and checked out what it looks like. 
We read the book the Jolly postman...we also saw this video. I think this is where the kids got the crazy idea for our letter  (see below :)
The Jolly Postman is a silly/fun story about a mail carrier who delivers letters by bicycle to characters from children's stories; such as Cinderella, The 3 Bears etc. Funny...silly...we loved it! .

We also wrote a letter and posted it to ourselves (which makes sense of course).  The point of that activity was to see how long it would take for the letter to come back to us. It took 2 whole days.
The kids composed the letter (each child adding a line to the story), which was a silly story about a very tall mailman who rode a bicycle and bumped into a tree :)

It was also very cool that one friend gifted books to all...
Thanks AH
The children painted a pic for mom and dad...we had planned to send via mail, but didn't get the chance.
Keeping simple was so easy, because all the kids wanted to do was open envelopes and packages and show them off to friends. We got mail from different parts of the world too...
MB brought art supplies that we will be using very soon
LE sent a postcard (from Italy)
JM's mail was quite popular. He sent a homemade flyer...we learned French vocab and talked about shopping. The kids couldn't get enough of this one.
MM sent a book about a Bunny who loved to read, but his friends did not
ZA cut out some Mexican currency to share with friends...we traded in our fake money for real money and bought a treat for all to share.
H sent his friends a gift certificate which they cashed in for a healthy AM snack
Thank you dear parents for making it so much fun. You are all very innovative :) One of the best things was that I was also just as surprised as the children when we pulled out the day's mail from our mailbag...I simply had no idea what we would receive. Thank you!


Karen Bell at: March 17, 2016 at 6:06 AM said...

Fantastic fun ideas to learn about mail and how it works. Looks like a lot of fun and interesting.
Thanks for sharing with #LetKidsbeKids

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