Weekending Oct 7th (2016)

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving to all. I always seem to disappear around holidays don't I? Well I'm here now and I must say, I'm glad the week has passed. I am no longer ill - the children (from what I know at this point - on a late holiday Monday), are all feeling better as well.
It's not to say that the week was bad. The week was good; there were a million awesome things happening. There was food, and another b-day party, some cooking, and crafting, but I was sunk, I mean totally floored with this nasty nasty cold. The truth is that no one can be at their 100% all the time, but last week was something different. It was all about accepting reality, and not dwelling on that which cannot be done.

The other end, the kids kept me going - kids usually do. But there were some things I just couldn't do, or follow through with. For example, I really wanted to celebrate Outdoor Classroom Day with the kids. I really wanted to. But I could not physically get out of the house.I also needed to bake for our week/events - couldn't do it.
And we never got around to decorating those pumpkins from MM's b-day - nope!

And had it not been for JM's dad who showed up with a b-day card for Z (my own kid), when I realized that I didn't even remember her b-day (I mean of course I know her birthday), but I had absolutely zero plans for a celebration with her friends. 
So if I've neglected to connected or (re) connect with you please do forgive me.  

I have no idea what I captured of our week...
I am still playing catch up. There's a squash pear & apple soup recipe coming up, and a few left over posts from September.
I also have some news about a great "new" sponsor that Small Wonders is partnering with, and some holiday news. We'll catch up soon!

I'd definitely like to thank Amira for baking all the goodies for the kids; and Iman for being a wonderful assistant to and for all of us.
Have a great week!


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~ Forest Witcraft

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