Weekending Jan 29th (2016)

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Another week has passed and it's almost a new month. The kids and I have been busy learning, playing and discovering just about any and everything.
In the next few weeks we have a few planned activities, so there's no slowing down for us.I will give a review of our month in my next post. For now, we will focus on the past week...

Happy weekend!

Pjs & Pancakes

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Our first Pjs & Pancakes day of 2016 was a great way to say good-bye to January and (on a kiddie level) run around in cozy pjs for no apparent reason.
Here are some photos of their day.

Honey Molasses Crackles

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Honey Molasses Crackles Recipe - these are gluten-free
*3cups of Rice Krispies/Puffs
2 Tbsp Honey
1 Tbsp icing sugar
*1 cup of molasses
1 tsp canola oil
Sprinkles (optional)

Melt ingredients together until gently boiling then fold into the Rice Krispies/Puffs and spoon into muffin tins
**If you're wondering why there's often an X marked on my food, it's just to claim my gluten friendly foods at home...nothing more nothing less :)

Gluten-free vegan flax bread pudding

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It has been very hard for me to get used to the taste of most gluten and or vegan friendly foods.  I think it's simple for a lot of people, but for some reason my brain has not gotten the message that this is my new reality. That's why I was pleasantly surprised when (at first try) I baked a gluten-free/vegan treat that did not come out hard or weird looking, and that I actually liked right off the bat.
It was baking day and (since I am on the honesty train) I must admit that I was not inspired to make anything. I used to plan ahead and get ingredients as needed, but now I tend to look in the cupboards and whatever I find that's what we're making. I have to change that.
Anyways, I had made some apple peach pear  sauce that morning, and I had bread- yay for us right? Actually yes, it was a pretty good day for us, because it was not an over the top, or sweet treat.

I used 5 slices of bread...mixed the 1/2 cup of sugar with 2 cups of milk and soaked bread in mixture. When it was all soaked, I rolled it in the apple sauce mixture (that's 2 cups of the sauce).
I must note that I have xanthan gum (aka egg substitute), but it hurts my tummy, so I don't use it or any other egg substitute (I will have to write a post about that sometime soon). 

Also, the bread was a lot thicker than "normal" bread, so I soaked it a bit longer (about 15 mins. more). I poured a little bit of milk over the mixture after it had been in the oven for about 15 minutes because it was looking a bit dry (maybe I could have soaked more?). I baked on 375 for a little under an hour and drizzled a tbs of honey on top just before removing from oven.

In the defense of anyone who has ever shared a vegan/gluten-free recipe with me. I tend to be a rogue baker, therefore, always adding or omitting certain ingredients. Oh, and I thought the kids would hate the flax in the bread, but they loved this recipe. I will make it again.

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Weekending January 22nd (2016)

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Last week was an interesting week to say the least. Let's just say that it's a week that some of the small wonders will likely not want to relive. We had a tummy bug going around, and with that a whole bunch of "little" things that kept popping up. 

Big Boy got physically sick on the school bus (which is technically not a Small Wonders thing), but I am putting it out there because I felt to sorry for that poor bus driver who had to contain the panic, clean up, and reassure my little guy. Looking at that part of the week, I feel blessed for all those who take care of our little ones - AND I know it can always be worse.

On to Small Wonders matters now. We didn't have all of our friends on site on any day; but it doesn't mean that life stopped. I can't say we stuck to much of a rhythm- activity-wise, but that's the part I am always prepared for. There was soup...playing...learning in bits and pieces, and a lot of questions.

Oh the questions:
/ why is (this) crayon called tickle me pink?
/ why is the snow man called un bonhomme de neige?
/ why can't we eat the snow?
/  why are the dinosaurs not talking to each other?    
/ why did we get in trouble for scattering the bag of glitter all over the floor...WHY???????
...and probably a whole bunch of other stuff I can't remember.

We also crossed off our second winter bucket-list item - snow painting. Our first was to have a North Pole party...remember that?  
I have to admit, when I handed the kids spray and squirt bottles with "paint" they looked at me as if I was nuts. The last time we did this it was a nice spring day and no mitts were needed. Just try using a squirt bottle with mitts when you are a pre-schooler/school age kiddie...not so easy...
I also regret not being able to take more pictures of the kids actually squirting the "paint" out.but 2 things happened (not at once). Last week one of the kiddies pulled my camera from the table top
That all happened after my new camera had a change of heart and decided not to be my fancy new nice camera anymore- so it was in the shop. Pulled from table camera seems fine, but I am crossing my fingers- it's a pretty light camera. So I was just being cautious. Do you remember this post  /here/ where I spoke about the cameras? Well, apparently, I can see the future...

Oh and the glitter story? Well it was just a glitter disaster, and this picture does not even show half of the mess.
Then we just did "normal" sickness, no broken things and etc.
 Have a happy week everyone! 

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