Easter egg hunt/spring celebration 2016

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 It's amazing what a difference one year has made for all of us. The children are not just toddling around anymore; they are running full speed. It's amazing!
Our spring celebration/Easter egg hunt was filled with activities that fostered learning, team work, collaboration and problem-solving. 

Moms and dads were invited- which was a very nice treat. We did our circle time outside, and a had a wonderful time. Iman is back from her travels, which is amazing-great help. She is a wonder with the children, and really my right-hand :)
The weather was so beautiful, it didn't feel cold at all. We had a great day!
After the hunt the children indulged in some yummy treats.
I would like to thank every parent. Thank you for running with every idea that I have, Thank you for always being present and open to learning with me (and your child). Your commitment to ensuring that your child...(all the children) enjoy fun-filled days full of learning and wonder cannot be measured, or summed up. 

Thanks to those who were able to come and help out. If you couldn't make it, we hope you will be able to make another event. 
And as always...thanks for sharing your children with me. 

Photos taken by my hubby.

Weekending March 25th

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I don't know if I'll ever be able to keep up with the ole blog. We (the Small Wonders and I) are always up to no good, and we just have so much that we want to share, but it doesn't always happen. The week of March 25th was busy, busy, busy. We were prepping for our Easter egg hunt/Spring celebration (post coming soon), AND we have also been planning our Art show in May. It's quite a bit of stuff for busy hands and minds.

I am actually tempted to end March (blog-wise) right here and's been great, it's been busy and there are no complaints here, but I'll wait.
I really neglected the camera last week...and I apologize for the lack of edited photos.
For soup day we enjoyed tomato and red pepper soup...
We also played in and outside.

our herbs are coming along
Some of the books we enjoyed (about Easter and/or spring).
...stay tuned for photos from the Easter egg hunt/spring celebration.

Happy spring everyone!

out for a walk

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Bush-walking is one of my favorite things to do with the children.There is no right turn or wrong turn- we just wander. Last week one child said to me, as his friends wandered about: " doesn't matter if we don't all go the same way because we never get lost". That's quite reassuring for me :)

Sometimes if we get out early enough, we simply wander in circles. We pick up rock, sticks (lots of sticks), leaves, and weird stuff... 
And there's small talk, lots of it, and small-people talk, which is more babbling than anything, cause they're not all the same age you know, and it's great fun. I love the outdoors and they do too.
Eventually, we tire ourselves out, and we wander home - usually for lunch, and we talk about everything that we saw and did, and then tired and hungry, we close that chapter of our day until the next time...

Weekending March 18 (2016)

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Interpersonal skills, collaboration, teamwork, socialization, creativity, problem solving; these are the skills that I saw and experienced with the children last week. We had an amazing week. Our week was so busy, and so much fun.
If you didn't read about our trip to Studio C, then please do so.
We hope you  have a great week!
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