Our Earth Day 2016 {part 1}

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The children and I agree that spring is a really perfect time to celebrate Earth Day. They wouldn't mind celebrating in autumn either :)
My recovery has been slow but steady, and we have a full plate already, so I simply wanted to cut some activities from our week, but celebrating Earth Day was not one of them. You can't have a nature-based dayhome and NOT celebrate Earth Day. That's a big no-no. 
We never have all the kids on site at the same time - unless we have a celebration (even then...). This means that the children don't always get to share special treats and activities with everyone.
We kept our day simple. A bit of food; a bit of art, a nice book, free play, and loads of fun.

For our craft (we did this the day before), we made a collage from found objects. Upon going out for nature walks and just hanging around the house the kids were asked to collected a few items and put them in a basket that I left for them. The items had to be nature-related (they were not confused at all :)
Knowing each child's personality, I knew who would collect rocks, who hates feathers, and who would grab the earthy stickers that I left in plain sight.

I absolutely adore these earth collages. I always love the way the kids bring their own skills and likes to our crafts and I was very happy to see them working on the craft together. I actually set up on the floor instead of the table, so that the kids could all access the treasures equally.
I think we will do this again and again. It was fun.

Finished products...

Weekending April 22 (2016)

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Last week was quite the week. Countdown to the Art Show & Brunch meant that we were very focused. It was all play though, and we had really good days. It was the kind of week where child-led play came into full effect. Upon request, we had circle only one morning. Most activities, while they followed the rhythm, just happened, and I suppose that's natural isn't it?

We also had a lot of nature time - the spring weather actually allowed for it. Some days we had extreme heat, while other days saw cold winds, and various types of precipitation. The children are itching to water the plants and flowers. I cannot wait until our backyard fully comes alive.

We also celebrated Earth Day, with some treats, art (collage-making), and storytelling. More on that in another post.
1/ April
2/ Using our 5 senses outside - touch
3/ Earth Day centre piece
4/ bush-walking
5/ she wants "something" to water
6/ drawings
7/ looking at our Earth day set up
8/ preparing for painting
9/ practicing spelling
10/ a little frie4nd brought me flowers
11/ getting the right tools
12/ simple sand play
13 & 14/  making smoothies (I think)

Give them crayons

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Celebrating and creating art is probably the most loved activity at Small Wonders; or at least it's a close second to nature play. Believe it or not, the kids don't always like baking or cooking, but if I ever need them to do (or not do) something, I simply remind that about an upcoming painting or colouring session, and it's on. Simple!
I also like to help the children transition between activities by simply putting down a bowl or two of crayons, a few colouring sheets, or blank paper.
Need a few minutes to get lunch ready? Give them crayons. Need to calm the kids down after very intense play? Crayons will do. It's so simple.
No real planning is needed. Just give them some crayons.

Weekending April 15 (2016)

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If you read the last weekending report, you will remember me bragging about the fact that we're all in great health and etc. Well, boy was I in for a surprise, and the desire to give myself a  good whack over the head. 

No sooner had I said this that I started feeling ill- irony maybe (?) I  can honestly say that I had a Terrible Horrible No Good very Bad Week. We missed our session at Studio C, we had a very low week, and I hope that it is one that we will not relieve again, or at least not anytime soon.

Moving on; we have a lot of catching up to do. We will be very busy getting our Art show back on track, as well as just enjoying our time.

Happy Monday!

Weekending April 8 (2016)

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Last week we officially started testing our Earth Schooling mornings out. I haven't had time to blog about 99% of the things we do, because I guess we're just too busy doing them. 
 Earth Schooling will take place on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, but until we formally start (middle of May), we will continue to go to our special spot on Tuesday mornings.
The kids had a great week. I guess I can say that about most week, unless we have illnesses. So far so good on that part. 

I must also admit that I am getting incredibly sloppy with the camera, and photo-taking. My mind is just not there right now. But it's important to me to document this journey, so I am taking it one day at a time and trying to keep the camera close.
Whatever the case, we got some pretty good shots of our week of play...we also celebrated a b-day (first of the year).
1/ the wind was blowing & he needed to pause
2/ taking a break
3/ catching the "wind"
4/ (part of) our outdoor kitchen
5/ gathering (cookies)
6/ making smoothies ...this table was made for our Small Wonders by JM's dad. Thank you :)
7/dress up
8/ rock collection

Upcoming post: getting ready for the art show.

MB's birthday celebration

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We celebrated MB's birthday this past week...she turned 2 years old. She's been with us for one whole year, and it's been a great pleasure. MB is the most calm child in our home.
As is tradition, we made apple pear sauce and decorated it with loads of sprinkles (not sure if this is a tradition), HA said it was.
I didn't get loads of good photos cause my camera was acting up. Turns out, it needed to be charged...(turns out I'm slow) * wink.
We hope you had a great day with friends MB!

Weekending April 1 (2016)

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Ever since the time shift, days seem shorter. Isn't it supposed to be the other way around?
My rhythm is pretty constant, but it's amazing how everything goes so fast. I just haven't been able to get use to the change- not yet anyway.
Last week was a short, long week. We had Monday off- no soup day. The rest of the week felt like catch up.

1/ signs of spring
2/ one of the chicks made for Easter
3/ on a walk
4/ child's play
5/ helicopter lift off
6/ dinos play
7/ dress up
8/gf/vegan choco chip cookies...(thanks to JM's mom for the dough)
9/ reading

Have a great week all!
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