Summer garden party & a goodbye...

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The children and I had our final party of the summer session. We also had a farewell party for our friend MM, who's going off to school in September. I am truly going to miss him, as are the other children. 

For the party, we followed a simple garden theme. We decorated with a few balloons, toadstools, as well as some simple treats like dirt and popcorn (similar to this recipe). It was a great day, with lots of sunshine. Everyone was relaxed and playful.
Enjoy the break dear friends...see you in September! And we hope you really like school MM :)

Weekending August 19 (2016)

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A few pics from our last week of the summer session... (stay tuned for pics from our garden party).
circle time
our first zucchini this year
we're going to ripen this one
found among the onions :)

A Visit to Heritage Park

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Have you been to Heritage Park lately? You should!
We go every year, and every year we have  a blast. I think the biggest bonus is that there is something for everyone - literally. 
There's never enough time to see the whole park, but I suggest visiting at least once in the winter, and once in the summer.

I've been known to take way too many pictures, but this fun day out was all about enjoying the rides, and having a great time with my fellow time travellers. 
Upon our arrival, the raindrops were light but persistent. To get out of the rain, we spent a good hour in the Gasoline Alley Museum. After the rain stopped, we ran to catch a train- yikes- we missed it! No fuss, we walked over to the centre of town where we found old shops and more fun and amusement; like the carousel, and the merry-go-round. We finally caught the train and went for a ride. After we ate yummy treats and headed home. 
The kids were beat, but they we all had a blast.

5 Foods your Kids tried & loved

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When it comes to food and eating, I think we've got all our bases covered. My little group is often excited to try various foods and textures. Even the picky eaters don't have a thing to whine about, because there's something for every taste bud. Here are some foods that the children have tried. Some are new, while some are old - but with a new twist.
eggplant spinach banana muffins

cream of wheat w/ shredded coconut for sweetness
eggplant & ground beef w/ melted cheese

biscuits made with herbs from our garden
our own version of this Ethiopian stew
1/ Eggplant, spinach and banana = a perfect yummy treat!
2/ Instead of adding sugar to our breakfast cereals, I add shredded coconut, stewed apples or peaches, or raisins
3/ The original recipe is eggplant topped with a ground beef mixture and a dollop of yogurt mint sauce. Instead of doing this I simply grated some mozzarella cheese on top (recipe to be added shortly)
4/ Biscuits made in advance. We put in freezer and take out when needed.
5/ this hearty stew is definitely on our fall/winter menu

In the Garden: Bounty at the "Farmer's Market"

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Last week we had an imaginary outing :). We pretended that we were going to the farmer's market to get fresh veggies & herbs for our meals.
 It's a blessing to share food that we planted, tended, and grew together. I invite the children into the garden as much as possible, and it's been so good for everyone. As the warmer days begin to wind down, we've been slowly gathering, harvesting & preserving some food for autumn. Of course it won't be a huge bounty, but it's something that we did with our own hands.
one beet, an onion & some kale
Do you remember the green beans that the children received at Easter for planting?  
 We planted ours... and we got these...awesomeness!
 I can't wait to see what they come up with next year :)

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