Weekending April 14 (2017)

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How was your Easter holiday? The kids are still exchanging Easter greetings with each other after not seeing each other for a few days- which is so sweet.

Thursday (our last day before our little break) came and went without much excitement. I'm sad to say unlike this year and this year, we didn't get to celebrate spring in the park, and have our Easter egg hunt because it was snowing.

I still can't believe our luck, but I had a feeling this would happen.
In addition to the not so nice weather, some of our friends were also not feeling great, so it was actually a very quiet day for us.

Over all, we had a nice week, and I think the snow is gone (?) One can never tell.
I will have to share our story of the month post soon. There are some photos missing. Must be on another card. Seems I can't keep track of myself lately.

Thanks to everyone for our basket fillers:
MB- raisins
EG - windmills/pinwheels
MM- seeds & pencils
LE - Ester craft/activity pack
HA- apple sauce snacks
ZA- mandarins 

Have a great week everyone!

MB...3 years around the sun

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Why can't I believe that MB is 3 years old? It really seems like yesterday that she was coming into my home. She's the most relaxed baby I ever had. She was and still is a girl who is so good with structure- it's amazing. She is also the only baby that never cried. From day one I took her from mom and she really just went with the flow. 

When you are a mom of many, every milestone is worth celebrating. I will never replace moms and dads here; it's not my goal. But there are boo boos to tend to, nap schedules to keep, hungry mouths to feed, and of course, minds to fill. There's been a lot of sighing on my part lately. Watching these kids grow up has been a blessing...

Weekending April 7 (2017)

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So JM went off to preschool. There were loads of tears. We miss him very much; but we know that he's still having fun and meeting new friends which is what it is all about.
Our days continue...we celebrated a special princess turning 3. I cried that day too. Seems I'm just a bag of tears lately, but my babies are growing up and it's hard to see that.
1/ she's pretending to lead circle time
2/ little mama
3&4/ it's literally all about water play
5/ ...when a special girl turns 3
6/ after yoga...she just wanted to do more
7/ it's a balancing act

Have a lovely week everyone!

Weekending March 31st (2017)

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Oh what a difference a little sunshine makes. Time spent outside always fulfills me. We had a lovely week, spending most of our days outside. We hope you had a great week.

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