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Below you will find testimonials and reviews from parents who are using or have used my childcare services. 

Testimonials and reviews do not take the place of references from parents should you require - please just ask. Please know that I do not give references (names & phone contact), unless you have met with me in person (ie. taken  tour etc).

We have known Salma since December 2014. Salma has provided child care for our 3 year old son since January 2015. From the beginning, it was clear that Salma is exceedingly well-organized and very proactive when it comes to being responsible for the children in her care.
She communicates very well, as is evidenced in her daily online blog in which she posts photos and detailed updates on each child's daily activities. We also receive a weekly e-mail over the weekend that details upcoming events, concerns and other items to note that will help her run the day home smoothly. 

Salma has a general weekly rhythm that she follows which gives the kids a sense of stability and structure.  Within that structure the kids are able to explore and understand their environment safely and confidently.  Our son has always been very cautious and deliberate in his behaviour. Since he has been at Salma's we have noticed a sense of confidence and a more relaxed demeanor in some aspects of his play and interactions.  We definitely know that comes from being at the day home.  He will also share stories and talk about things that he is learning at the day home.  This just reinforces to us the fact that Salma is very intentional and engaged with all of the kids. 

Because our son has some developmental issues, we were concerned that his day care provider be both sensitive and diligent in his oversight. To our delight, we have been extremely pleased with Salma's dedication and sense of responsibility to him, and indeed to all the children in her care.

Moreover, our appreciation of her care was recently reinforced by an outside professional who needed to assess our son outside of the home and apart from us at the day home. Her report back to us was that we were very fortunate to have our son in Salma's care. She assured us that she had seen many day home operations and that Salma's business was very well run and that the children in her care, including our son, benefited greatly from her calm demeanor and great balance of structure and play.

Overall, we are very pleased and satisfied with Salma Saquaf and the great care she has provided to us. We highly recommend her to you and are happy to discuss our relationship with her if asked. 

~  A & Dr. M MacLeod (Parent of 3.5 yr old at time of the review)

Salma is a really caring person and you can feel the welcoming embrace as soon as you enter her home.
She was very understanding of our family's situation and was willing to help in any way she could.
Our daughter always went home believing that she was actually in school! It's probably because Salma ran a program similar to that of a playschool's. Her program was mainly music and arts driven and my daughter's deep interest in crafting Play-doh did not go away even after about a year of attending Salma's care.

Thank you Ms Salma for welcoming us to your home even for just a brief amount of time! You've helped our family a great deal.

~ J & H Magpayo (Parent of 3 yr old at time of the review) 

I first met Salma in January, 2015 when she returned my call about childcare.  I happened to be out viewing a separate Day Care Centre only a few blocks away and, to my surprise, was encouraged to stop by impromptu.  Obviously, Salma had nothing to hide!  2 minutes later my daughter and I were on her doorstep and invited into her home.  I immediately felt comfortable, and with the help of her 4 year old son, was shown around their space and oriented to their ‘daily rhythm’. As my husband was not present at this time, we were invited back to meet Salma’s entire family and to view the space again.  Salma encouraged questions and was able to provide clear and detailed responses about all aspects of care that would be provided in her home.   

Once my husband and I decided to enrol our daughter at Small Wonders, we were encouraged to transition her in one week prior to our official full time start-date (2 hours on Monday, 4 on Tuesday etc).  This was offered at no extra charge and was extremely helpful in allowing everyone involved to adjust to our new arrangement.  

From the very beginning, my husband and I have been included in every facet of our daughters care from communicating our wishes and concerns to participating in events and outings (unfortunately, as a full-time working parents we have yet to be able to attend)!  Salma in turn provides daily feedback and information both verbally upon pickup/drop-off and in writing through her individualized daily reports, by email, and via the Small Wonders webpage/ blog.  Meal plans are clearly posted, home-cooked, and nutritious – snacks and fluids are offered at regular intervals throughout the day and our daughter is often sent home with a freshly baked snack! 

We have only had one issue to date which was resolved promptly through open discussion and was a result of a simple miscommunication.  I am happy to say that I was able to express my perspective with no fear of judgement and that the care my daughter received during this time was not affected in any way.  I feel strongly about Salma’s focus on nature and outdoor play as well as her drive to engage each child in meaningful activity.  Her space is always neat and tidy and I marvel at her ability to provide a flexible structure which accommodates the needs of each and every child in her care, regardless of age.  

One of clearest signs that our daughter feels comfortable at Small Wonders is that she often reaches out for Salma in the morning and waves goodbye in the afternoon.  Over the past 3 months, we truly feel as though our daughter has found a home away from home in which she is treated with love, care and respect.    

~A Brong (Parent of 1 yr old at time of review)


Our son has been attending Small Wonders since October 2015. He truly enjoys being a part of the little community Salma creates for all the children in her care. He had some difficulty transitioning to being away from mom and dad and Salma was very patient, understanding and helped us through every step of the way with this transition process. During his days at Small Wonders, he is introduced to many learning and play opportunities and is so happy to learn and grow alongside his friends. 

Through her years of experience as a day home provider, as well as many years of parenting, Salma always celebrates the differences and uniqueness in all children. I believe the children benefit from the consistency and predictability of the day home schedule and daily rhythm and come to learn about also being flexible within their daily schedules.
Salma is very communicative with parents and provides daily information as well as weekly updates for all the children in her care. Our son loves the time spent outdoors in the warmer months and is learning to appreciate the wonders of the world around him. Salma is creative, resourceful, organized and most importantly cares deeply about each child who is a part of her Small Wonders family. We feel very lucky to have found a place where our son is so well cared for and where he feels so at home.

~E. Elder (Parent of 2.5 yr old of review) 


 "Salma is a natural caregiver! She provides a constancy of nurturing and attention that would deplete just about anyone else. Small Wonders Day Home is truly a home away from home for our daughter, and we are so grateful for the ongoing guidance and encouragement she has received from her Small Wonders family!"

~ J. Gnutel (Parent of 1 yr old at time of review...a part of the SW family since November 2016)


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~ Forest Witcraft

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