Pancake day...all about maple syrup

As a part of Celebrating Canada week, we had pancake day. I must have been really busy making the pancakes with the kids because I have no photos :(
The kids had fun and ate way too many pancakes. We also served sausages. Some of the kids ate it, while other didn't care so much for it.

We spoke about Maple Syrup, and learnt about how it is made. The kids wished they could make their own syrup.

I had hoped to do some colouring pages (of maple leaves) with the kids, but that didn't work out time-wise. We will save them for another day. Here's a song we learnt...

*I’M A BIG, OLD MAPLE (to the tune of I’m a Little Teapot) 
I’m a Big, Old Maple, (Point thumbs to chest) 
Not a Sprout! (squat low) 
There are my branches, (reach high) 
But here is my spout. (cup hands by belly button) 
When it’s sugar season, Sap comes out! (move hands away from ‘spout’ like throwing handfuls of water) 
Hang the buckets, (hold invisible bucket) 
Then pour them out. (pour invisible bucket)

Did you see our 1st activity? See it here

*Maple song found here.
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