weekending Feb 2-6

So much happens that never gets documented here. The kids are always doing something, or saying something funny or creating something beautiful. It's so awesome and amazing! I am such a doer, that I feel guilty when I stop. The first thought that  comes to my mind is that the time it takes to write or document means time away from actually doing...I have to work that out!

It was the shortest longest week I have had in a long time. If my posts seem jumbled lately it's probably due to lack of sleep...
The kiddies still have sniffles or worse...I don't even have many pictures to share. 
For 3 days we missed J, because he stayed home. The days were just not the same.

On Monday we made chicken vegetable soup

Tuesday- exploring was done inside the house and the boys stood by the window counting cars, trucks and buses. I think they even spotted a bulldozer and a fire-truck!

Wednesday - no painting *gasp*, I know...the boys weren't thrilled and I was starting to feel under the weather so I didn't push it.

Thursday - Our book of the month is Spot Fait UN Gateau (French Edition)Spot Fait un g√Ęteau, is all about Spot's adventure in the kitchen and it ends with a nice surprise. This month we will be learning some French words, and baking up a storm, and will end with a bake sale...more details to come.

On Thursday we baked zucchini chocolate loaves and banana bread. I have baked zucchini loaves before, but this was our first time doing the chocolate thing. We dropped an egg, had cocoa powder all over the kitchen, and silly me forgot to set the timer, but we weren't too far from the kitchen so I got the loaves out in time.

Learning experience : We baked 4 loaves altogether, which was time consuming. I really want to get the kids involved in doing more than just stirring ingredients (which they did this week). Next time I will grate the zucchini to save time, cause little people don't like the little details ha ha:)

Big boy loved loves the loaf and keeps saying, "... this is the best chocolate loaf EVER!!!!" We baked one for his friend's family, after he tasted the one we made for daycare, he wasn't so sure if he wanted to give that one away. We also fed it to my non-veggie eating husband and he can't get enough! No need to tell him about the zucchini then...
Friday- We rested, because we so needed it!

We also added some new reads this month...

We're getting prepped for our International book-giving day all about it here.
Happy week-end!


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“A hundred years from now, it will not matter what kind of car I drove, what kind of house I lived in, how much money I had in the bank…but the world may be a better place because I made a difference in the life of a child.”
~ Forest Witcraft

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