Another seasonal clean...already?

Welcome Summer! Since it's July, I figure I am just a little behind.
I do a clean every season and every season there's something to clean. I am either brilliant or a fool - still debating. In my defense; just in case I am more a fool that a brilliant organizer, I would like to state that there is hardly ever much to throw out, most things need to be cleaned, and or moved around just enough to give the place a new look.

Of course there is a lot of movement when it comes to the play space.  Toys are rotated every couple of weeks, seasonal books are displayed and brought to our reading space, and the kids are always transporting toys between the spaces.
There's not much to say about my cleaning ritual. It just is.

Often when I am busy doing my thing, the kids get excited because moving around furniture is really exciting and vacuuming and dusting? Totally fun! 
When we're not outside, we spend a lot of time in the basement, because it is cool - not cool awesome, I mean not as hot as the rest of the house. So naturally, I started my clean in the basement this time around.
I took up the big rug, and decluttered a lot of the toy...aka tossed a lot of them, and moved some toys from other rooms. I also set up a little kitchen area downstairs because no matter where they go, the kids love to cook.
Well, that's downstairs done. Off to finish the rest of the play spaces...

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Marie Kl├ęber at: July 8, 2015 at 10:14 AM said...

Downstairs looks good Salma! Need to get this done as well.

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