if the crown fits

Today was THE day. We had a crown fitting :) Sounds funny doesn't it? Well, after making all the crowns, I felt happy to get it done with, and not with much time to spare as our first b-day is at the end of the month. JM & Zbear have crowns from their 2014 b-days, but all the other kids needed crowns. I can't believe I never made one for Big Boy all these years.
I was delighted to see all the kids (that were in care) happily wearing their crowns, and playing together early in the AM. It was quite the sight.

The crowns need some finishing touches, but just in case everything goes out the window, they are practically done. 
So how do the crowns work you ask?
Well, they are birthday crowns. So on each child's birthday all the children will join in a somewhat royal celebration. I am thinking of a way to distinguish the b-day boy or girl since they will all be wearing their crowns - more to come on that...
Oh, and every time I "admit" that I am doing something crafty (like making crowns), I get the same questions and comments about my lack of love for crafting. Did I actually say that?

I don't know if I dislike it, I just find that when crafting with kids, there is so much focus on the final product, instead of enjoying the process, and sometimes I can see they feel pressured. So I don't do a lot of crafts with the kids in THAT sense, but we definitely create. 

I also like the idea of creating STUFF, not forcing it. I think that's why I am sort of anti-Pinterest when it comes to kids crafts. I like the ideas, but I don't see the child's involvement in the process - that's just me. 
And creating things that are useful is always my main goal, so yeah, hmm you know...I don't know actually. LOL.

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