Goodbye July Hello August!

A quick recap of the month of  July...
We kicked off July by having a summer pj's & treats party. The children shared and ate a lot of delicious (mostly home made) foods. That was our last pj's party of the current playschool year.

We also learned about life-cycles. We learned about caterpillars & butterflies, bees and flowers. Books that we read were centered around insects, bugs, flowers/gardening, animals and summer.
I wish that I had time to review all the books, but I do not.We read /shared some stories such as these: (we returned some books to the library...can't remember the titles).
the surprise garden was a delight since we are growing our own veggies & herbs
they especially loved this book about life cycles
In July we celebrated Canada. The kids know about the provinces. They know that we live in Calgary, Alberta. Some of them were not born in Alberta. They know about some of the things that Canada is known for like Canada geese, hockey, poutine :) They got to do a loonie toss (where they took turns trying to throw loonies into a basket). That was really fun.
The children know that lots of people from different places with different languages & clothing live in Canada :), and that there are 2 official languages - English & French.
July 2016's book of the month Wendi Silvano's book Love is All Around Calgary. I was ecstatic when I was able to connect with the author earlier in the year. Wendi truly loves, and promotes early childhood literacy, and was one of our Art & Brunch sponsors.

I decided to run with the idea of exploring Calgary with the children. We went down to the bow (Rideau & Lindsey parks). We had a lovely picnic by the water at Glenmore Park.
That was after the kids got tired of throwing rocks into the river.
We went to a few local parks, and we went down to Fish Creek library for an afternoon of reading, dress up, and fun games.

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Goodbye July Hello August!


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~ Forest Witcraft

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