In the garden: tomatoes

Did you know that the children and I have been growing tomatoes? Growing an edible garden is  a lot of fun. One of the drawbacks of growing and gardening with children is their eagerness to just pick and pull up anything that they can get their hands on. I guess it is quite tempting. 

This issue has come up a few times, and has become a very common occurrence with our tomatoes. Each of the younger children have plucked green tomatoes from their vines, leaving me with the option of having fried green tomatoes (which we did actually), or waiting for the tomatoes to ripen.

While I don't encourage the children to pick the fruits prematurely, I remembered something my grandmother used to do when I was younger (I probably picked the green tomatoes too :))
We simply place the tomatoes in a brown paper bag, and put them in the cupboard for a week or so, and they will ripen. Keep in mind that they will not necessarily ripen at the same time, but they will eventually.
We baked this recipe using tomatoes & other herbs from our garden. I used a variation of this recipe. 


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