Soup day & a sneeze

We had quite the bounty on soup day. Yay for us ;)
My best helpers went down to collect the goodness stashed away in our basket (by the door) and hurried excitedly to the kitchen. I said thanks but no thanks for kitchen help as I was in a time-crunch.
As time went on, and the requests to assist kept getting louder and more persistent, I decided to let the 2 helpers assist. Well that turned out to be  interesting...
First, let's go back to our stash, and then we will make sense of where I am going with this story.
In the basket we had: okra, green beans, 2 potatoes, 2 onions, garlic powder, dill, bay leaves (yay love those), cauliflower, carrots, and a can of chickpeas- woozah..right?!.
As I began to sort (with the kids prior to the helping requests), we decided that we would use half of the chickpeas in the soup and save the rest for hummus, which we would eat with naan.
So back to the story. My 2 helpers sat down to "assist" - Read- stir stuff randomly...stir stuff crazily...stir stuff like crazy little people and practically knock bowl to ground. Okay, that's our normal. 

Then as I was measuring the tahina for the hummus, I heard a sneeze. I was facing the counter, and the little ones were behind me, so I quickly looked back and saw a friend wiping his nose with sleeve. I asked older 2 year old friend who knows about sneezing in sleeves if friend sneezed on food - she said no... 

Me:  uhm ok.  
But deep down I knew the story...
I turned back around and another bigger sneeze came out. Okay, that did it for me.
I gently reminded friends/helpers about sneezing etiquette; brought sneezing friend to sink to wash hands and scooted them out of the kitchen.
So there was no chickpeas in the soup. BUT we did have hummus, and it was yummy :))
Look for my hummus recipe in the recipe section of the blog.

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